New local plan sets another 4,000 houses on our doorsteps

New local plan sets another 4,000 houses on our doorsteps

Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) has just published its new ‘Local Plan’ consultation. Residents have until August 26th to make their views known the Council. The Plan has far reaching consequences for Virginia Water over the next 10 – 20 years so it is imperative that residents’ views are expressed clearly and taken into account; so the WRA is striving to make its members and other local residents aware of the issues for the sake of the future of our community.

Council has now identified several sites adjoining Wentworth Estate to take out of Green Belt

RBC is proposing the removal from the Green Belt of DERA North, Longcross Road; DERA South, Longcross Road; Lyne Lane East & West and Land South of Sandhills Road; Virginia Water South – Knowle Hill, Virginia Water West – Wellington Avenue.

If these recommendations go ahead over the next 20 years another 4,000 houses will be built around Virginia Water

That’s potentially 10,000 new people wanting to share current services and roads. If DERA South with its 400 acres is taken out of the Green Belt, this will cause approx 12 years of housing construction with related traffic accessing the site through Christchurch Road, Wellington Avenue and Trumpsgreen Road.

In addition, 19 acres accessed from Hollow Lane, extending down to Woodlands Road East and West are suggested for over 120 homes.

15 acres of grazing land sited on Trumpsgreen Road adjoining the rear entrance to Wentworth Estate are also being identified to yield 150 homes.
We are taking the brunt of Runnymede’s push for homes, over 60% of the land to be taken out is in Virginia Water

RBC seems to be targeting Virginia Water to take the brunt of their new housing requirement for the future. Its primary objective seems to be to grab the money with scant regard for the consequences. Every new house to which RBC consents, means rates to the Council plus governmental grants. Yet none of the money comes back into Virginia Water for re-investment purposes. Bourne car park is certainly a lesson learned.

How much can residents put up with? It seems that we have a Council which is hell-bent on destroying our special community.

Your support is vital

We urge all Virginia Water residents to participate in the Local Plan consultation by writing to RBC to express your concerns about the points raised. Please cc.

Points you may wish to make include:

  • Removal of Land from Greenbelt has to be minimised due to the irreversible loss of natural environment; has the council has done everything it can to minimise this?
  • Stress on local resources new housing will bring, there will be a huge impact on local facilities and services – e.g. Dr, Hospital, Schools. What assessment has been made?
  • Impact this will make on further congestion in the village, particularly heavy goods vehicles.
  • What has RBC put in place to ensure any development proposed in the Local Plan is brought forward with the infrastructure to support it?
  • Has RBC assessed all of the alternatives with a fair and even hand and has it ‘cooperated’ with its neighbour boroughs as it is required to do to?
  • The ongoing pillage of Virginia Water’s assets and lack of any material re-investment.

Be wary that RBC has a very poor record of listening to Virginia Water residents as exemplified by closing Bourne car park with the resulting chaos, it is vital as many be heard as possible.

The consultation material is available at search ‘New Local Plan 2035 consultation page’. The documentation is also available to view at the Civic Centre and the libraries (including Virginia Water) in the Borough.

This statutory consultation is now open until 5:00 pm on Friday 26th August. Representations must be made in writing. Anonymous representations will not be accepted. Any comments that could be construed as derogatory towards any particular individual or group will not be recorded or considered.

RBC would like you to send your views electronically if possible. You can complete the questionnaire on their website or download a copy of the questionnaire to complete and email back to:
If you cannot do this, please request and return a printed copy of the questionnaire. Please send your completed questionnaire to:

The Policy and Strategy Team, Runnymede Borough Council, Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, KT15 2AH.

Please support the campaign by joining or donating to WRA @ WRA is appointing planning consultants to act so raising funds is vital to a successful intervention for our village. Updates will be posted on the WRA site,

Facebook @WRA2016

Twitter  @WRAWentworth

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