Bourne Car Park – Closed

Village car park closed

without alternative parking provision


The Bourne car park, at the rear of Station Parade has been the subject of a planning application for a new development which was recently granted and, despite a pledge from Runnymede Borough Council to provide alternative parking for the village, the car park has now been closed with no such provision made. We believe this to be a major and potentially dangerous issue for the village with pressure for parking growing every year.


The land was given to Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) by Sir Lindsay Parkinson, a Wentworth Estate landowner, specifically for use as a car park for the benefit of Virginia Water’s residents. However, the Council proposed and agreed the sale of the Bourne car park, for a considerable sum, to a developer and has since granted planning permission on the land for residential development. Further, the Council has declared that proceeds deriving from the sale of the car park will not be invested in Virginia Water but elsewhere.


The Wentworth Estate Roads Committee (WERC) has launched a challenge against Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) in relation to the recent planning approval for this new residential development at Bourne car park.


In addition, The Wentworth Residents Association (WRA) is further challenging the Council over the lack of provision of new parking following the recent closure of the 160 space car park to facilitate this development. As stated the Council had promised to offer alternative parking following the closure which has not materialised. To make matters worse, the current work at Virginia Water station’s car park has further restricted parking, leading to an overall severe shortage of parking in the village.


In the very short term, we urge the Council to do whatever is necessary to fulfil their pledge to provide additional parking and alleviate the current chaos in the village. At the same time, the Council should reconsider urgently how it invests the proceeds which should be focussed for the benefit of the Virginia Water community as was conceived when the ownership of the car park was originally transferred to the Council.


Your support is vital


We urge all Virginia Water residents to contact Runnymede Borough Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Paul Turrell, to register your dissatisfaction with the current situation which is clearly unacceptable and unstainable.

Points you may wish to make include:

  • Closure of the car park without due consultation
  • Lack of provision for alternative parking resulting in the loss of 160 car park spaces
  • Impact this will make on further congestion in the village, particularly Station Parade which is a busy thorough fare to the station
  • The sale of an amenity gifted to the council for the express benefit of the village
  • The total failure to reinvest any of the proceeds in Virginia Water


Mr Turrell can be reached at

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