Mayhem in Virginia Water

Whilst Runnymede Borough Council (RBC) is proposing to grant permission to build as many as 4,000 new residential properties in and around Virginia Water, it made the astonishing and chaotic decision to close Bourne car park which is close to Virginia Water rail station. Further, RBC closed the car park during the peak of Ascot Week and it permitted other developments which encroached on the station’s remaining parking capacity at the same time. The community lost ±160 car parking spaces and mayhem has descended on the Village. RBC knew that the closure would cause severe difficulties for the community but proceeded without the due diligence of identifying a solution prior to closing a much used car park. Clearly, confidence in RBC’s planning competences has been severely shaken. The WRA is informed by RBC’s Chief Executive, Paul Turrell, that an appropriate solution is now being sought and hopefully he will conclude soon. in the interim, the tills at RBC’s parking fines department must be ringing!

bourne1 bourne4 bourne3 bourne2

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