SURREY  COUNTY  COUNCIL PROPOSE TO MAKE the above mentioned Temporary Order “this  Order”  under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the  effect  of  which  will  be  to  prohibit  vehicles  from  entering or proceeding  in the entire length of Chobham Lane (C10), Chertsey and/or any part  and/or  parts  therein.  Vehicular  traffic  will be diverted via the Longcross Roundabout to Longcross Road and Kitsmead Lane.


This Order is required to enable Balfour Beatty to carry out safety barrier replacement  works.  These  works are anticipated to be carried out between the  hours  of  20:00  and 05:00 within ten days of the six month period of operation  of  the  Temporary  Order,  which commences on 15th August 2016.

Advanced  warning  signs  will  be displayed and the temporary closure will only  operate  when  the  relevant  traffic signs are displayed. Access for emergency  vehicles,  residents  and  businesses  will be maintained at all times.  There  is  no  footway  to  Chobham  Lane  (C10),  Chertsey  and no pedestrian  access  to any property will be affected; on grounds of safety, it  will  only be possible to maintain pedestrian access outside of working hours except in the event of an emergency situation

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