WENTWORTH CLUB UPDATE…Status Report December 15

After the successful meeting of December 4th, the WRA sub committee is due to meet the Club Owners and Management on Thursday 17th December. The main results of the dialogue of the December 4th meeting are as follows:

Meeting between the Wentworth Club Owners & Management and the Club Members’ and Estate Residents’ Representatives (December 4th, 2015)


  • Mr Songhua Ni (Mr Ni), Vice Chairman
  • Mr Stephen Gibson (SG), Chief Executive
  • Mr Michael Fleming (MF), Club Captain
  • Dr Eric Leon (EL), WRA Chairman
  • Mr John Rourke CBE (JR), Representative of Club Vice-Captain
  • Ms Kathy Lunn (KL), Senior Executive Assistant (transcriber)

The meeting was very constructive and significant progress was made. On behalf of the Reignwood Group Mr Ni expressed his desire to see the residents form the bedrock of the Club Membership. Although the purpose of this initial meeting was not to negotiate terms Mr Ni agreed to consider a number of significant adjustments to the current membership proposals, in particular:

  • Debenture:
  •       – Full buy back guarantee for first five years,
  •       – Installment payment over up to 5 years for some Members who are unable to pay up front,
  • Free social membership for residents (subject to vetting)

A number of actions were agreed (in order of agreement in the meeting):

  • 1. A panel of members will be set up to consider and propose to the Club an instalment payment plan for certain categories of membership.
  • 2. Members to be canvassed for their opinion on the best designer for the West, East and Edinburgh courses. Suggestions to be considered by the representative group at its next meeting.
  • 3. Mr Ni to chair a meeting of this representative group every month.
  • 4. MF, EL, JR to consult with their respective groups of members in the meantime to propose what other matters should be considered at the next meeting of this group.
  • 5. SG to send an email to members reporting of a successful meeting, that more members’ opinions will be heard, that the EGM on Sunday 6th December is postponed, and that this representative group will reconvene again asap.
  • 6. The next meeting of this representative group to be held on 17th December (in the afternoon) at Wentworth Club. 7. MF, EL, JR to propose additional people to join the representative group as appropriate.
  • 8. Mr Ni, SG to consider the special resolutions submitted by certain members.
  • 9. Mr Ni requested that no further negative comments about the Club should be made in the press and to encourage others to do the same. All participants agreed to endeavour to do so.
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